Year 5

Year 5 Staff

Mrs Dourado-Alfonso and Ms Sandy are class teacher of Year 5. Beech Class is supported by Ms. Poly and Ms Henry.


At St. Edward's we are committed to the holistic approach of teaching, enabling all pupils to learn develop and progress through the broad, balanced, enjoyable and enriched curriculum that we provide. Pupils reflect on their learning experience at St Edward's and enter the 'What St. Edward's mean s to me'?  This competition is judged by the governors and the winners have the opportunity to experience a pilgrimage to the Eternal City-Rome!

Supporting Learning at Home

In Year 5, the children are encouraged to read a wide variety of genre, to compliment the variety of texts we read in  on a daily basis .Pupils all have a log-in  password to access 'Bug Club' for on-line reading resources. Weekly home includes; spellings, Big Writing, maths and known facts. The children are also encouraged to be creative and independent in their undertaking of 3D projects across the curriculum, such as The Solar System (Science),  Christmas Cribs (RE) and Volcanoes (Geography).

Year 5 Expectations

Pupils are teacher assessed  in all areas of the curriculum, however there are formal test paper tasks or extended writing assessments in English (Reading  Writing and  SPAG- Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) , Mathematics, RE and Science.

Learning In Class/Photos

In Year 5 Big Writing the children looked at instruction writing. They had to create detailed and interesting instructions for how to create a Chinese Dragon to celebrate the Chinese New Year. We used the same instructions to create our own beautiful creations as you can see below.

To make cross curricular links between RE and DT the pupils were asked to create models of the nativity scene to help celebrate Jesus' birth at Christmas time. Pupils had to add as much detail and interest as they could whilst making sure the structure was strong enough.

In one of their science topics pupils were looking at the infinite wonders of space. They studied different planets and stars and learned about how gravity makes us all rotate around the sun. To help us remember the order of the planets we made our own mnemonics and we also made lovely models of the solar system, here are just a few!

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