Year 6

Year 6 Staff

Mrs Casely, Mr Harmer and Mr Callender-Ferrier are the class teachers in Year 6. They are supported by Ms Storrie, the school’s Learning Mentor.


At St. Edward’s we are committed to developing the whole child through a broad and balanced curriculum. The children study a wide range of subjects. They also get to develop their geographical skills through a residential visit to Fairplay House in Witham.

Supporting Learning at Home

In Year 6 the pupils are expected to progress towards being an independent learner, but for some homework projects, such as BIG Writing talk topic and discussions, parental help is essential. Year 6 pupils are given an hour of Maths and English (BIG Writing) homework each week, as well as spellings to learn and a reading record to fill in. We encourage our pupils to read widely and for pleasure, to help them the children will always have a reading book borrowed from the school library, a guided reading book and an online Bug Club book.

Year 6 Expectations

The children in year 6 are assessed in two ways. In all subjects, the children are given a teacher assessment. This happens throughout the year to ensure all children are making progress. The children’s attainment is measured using the bands below. The end of year 6 expectation is 6S.

Exam scaled score SATs grade

80 – 89 Has not met the year 6 standard (HNM)

90 – 99 Working towards the year 6 standard (WTS)

100 – 114 Working at the expected year 6 standard (EXS)

115 – 120 Working at greater depth within the year 6 standard (GDS)

Learning in Class / Photos

Below you can see that Year 6 were making their RE displays.

Below you can see Willow Class involved in a robotics session where they made Wallace & Gromit style creations

Below you can see the pupils got an exciting chance to dissect real hearts in their Science lessons. They were able to look at them muscles that help our hearts to pump blood as well as seeing the different arteries and valves that help the heart to efficiently do its job. Disgusting AND fun!

Year 6 have been studying the work of Shakespeare and particularly have looked at his poetry. When studying his sonnets we looked at his Double Double spell said by the three witches in Macbeth and then wrote our own versions of the poem. We then took it in turns as groups to perform our pieces of work in the style of witches.

Children took part in the annual Oompa Loompa day at St Edward's. As part of their study of Roald Dahl they finished the unit with a fun day of activities all related to Charlie and the Chocolate factory.

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