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Corona Virus - Key Worker Questionnaire

Dear parents and carers,

As you are no doubt aware, due to the current coronavirus situation the government is trying to stem the spread of infection by closing schools.

St Edward's will be closed to the VAST majority of students from the 23rd of March until further notice. We must ask that you keep your children at home if it is anyway possible. The school will only be open to the children of keyworkers who are not able to be cared for by other relatives.

We fully understand and appreciate the inconvenience and impact this will have on families but if we are to work together to stop coronavirus quickly then we must abide by this quarantine as strictly as possible.

We sincerely hope you understand the stance we have to take on this situation and we very much believe if we are all careful and follow the guidelines it will enable our school and parish to be back to normal as soon as possible.

If you are in a situation where you believe your children will need to come to school then please fill in the questionnaire on the school website by 3PM so we can start to get things prepared. Again we thank you for your cooperation and will stay in touch with updates.

Be safe, be well, be kind.



Dear parents/carers,

As we are sure you are aware The Prime Minister announced last night that all school will be closed from the end of school on Friday 20th March, except for those children of Keyworkers and those deemed most vulnerable.

Please can you complete our Parent Survey - Are you a Keyworker?
 as soon as possible to indicate whether you are a keyworker and if you will be intending to send your child to school. Please be aware that further guidelines are expected from the government regarding this. 

We will be updating parents with further updates as the day progresses. Please regularly check your emails and our school website for any updates from the school.

If you have any problems completing this form please contact Mrs J Facto @

Thank you

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