School Meals


School meals offer great value for money as well as being tasty, healthy and nutritious. They have the essential vitamins and minerals your child needs to help him or her grow, develop, fight infection and have the energy to lead a happy and healthy life. School meals offer a selection of freshly cooked main meals which meet the nutritional standards set by the government. We follow the National Government Food Standards, which means all children will have at least one portion of fruit and one portion of vegetables every day. Whether your child enjoys all food, is vegetarian or needs a special diet, we can cater for all your child's needs. Children can sit down together to enjoy their meal. This develops their social skills and encourages them to try new food.


ISS- Our new catering contractors from October 2019

ISS have many years' experience working with primary schools, pupils and local authorities across the UK to provide tasty, satisfying dishes that young people enjoy. Thanks to their expert chefs and nutritionists, and partnerships with organisations such as Food For Life, you can feel sure they'll deliver fresh food, exciting menus, wide choice, value for money and healthy menus



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Register to eat for free / Apply for free school meals E – Form

Please can parents ensure that they complete the online Eat For Free registration forms for free school meals. This form needs to be completed by all parents even if your child does not have school meals. Click on the image below to link to complete this form



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