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Our children feel very privileged to have been chosen as prefects this year, however, with this role comes great responsibility. Prefects are allocated a number of different roles that include completing duties for staff and supporting other pupils in the school. Some of the very important jobs they do are holding the doors when children and visitors are walking through the school ensuring that the back doors are secure after playtimes, setting up the play equipment during break times, setting up the hall ready for assemblies and Music sessions and helping teachers in their classrooms, including covering wet play times. In addition, prefects have designated areas throughout the school where they are responsible for working alongside adults to ensure that the school day runs smoothly. There are also a small group of prefects that ensure that any mail received is delivered to the right staff member. Amongst our prefects we have also chosen a Head Boy and Head Girl who take a lead role in welcoming visitors and taking them on a tour of the school. Well done to all our prefects who are doing an amazing job in fulfilling their duties.


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