Rome 2018

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Monday 12.11.18

Staff and students have all arrived safe and sound in Rome ready for a very exciting and VERY busy week.

At 4pm Rome Time the children went on their first pilgramage to the Basilica of St Paul outside the wall. The ancient, beautiful church has the relics and tomb of St Paul in it as well as the chains with which he was once bound. The walls are decorated with mosaics of all of the popes. Starting with St Peter and ending with Pope Francis. There are also many images of the life of St Peter and St Paul. It's getting late now, so everybody is heading back to settle down at the hotel. 

Tuesday 13.11.18

Children were up bright and early ready for an exciting day ahead and wow what a day they had!

The day involved a thrilling visit to the absolutely stunning St Peter's Basilica and spent lots of time admiring the art work and the architecture. It looks a lot bigger in person! They also visited St John Lateran's Basilica and the Cross of Jerusalem Church. Lots and lots of beautiful memories made.

Wednesday 14.11.18

How is it Wednesday already? The children were up early again eating a big breakfast preparing them for a truly special day. The children went for a historical visit to the ancient colloseum today and were truly impressive by the size and beauty of the old structure. They then had a mass at the English College led by Father Bob of St Michael's parish. They watched a 5D movie (how many D's!?) and then went to the stunning Trevi Fountain and threw in a coin to make a lucky wish. The true highlight of the day though, after much excited waiting, was being able to the His Holiness The Pope in person, what a treat!

Thursday 15.11.18

It's Thursday already and time is going far too quickly. That said, we're feeling a little sleepy today.

Today we head out of the city and far into the past when we visited Pompeii. It was incredible to see such old structures preserved so perfectly by the volcanic ash that destroyed the town all those years ago. We went to a lovely little restaurant for lunch in Pompeii too and tried speaking Italian with the waiters which was fun. It was a lovely day filled with lots of learning and fun and to top it off the weather was lovely too! We don't want the trip to end!

Friday 16.11.18

It's here already... the last day! We made an extra effort to enjoy our last continental breakfast before we set off to cram in a last few activities before heading to the airport.  We saw some sights, visited some beautiful archaeological spots and learned as much as we could before heading back to the airport. After a short delay we were up up and away back to London Heathrow and then a sleepy coach ride back to St Edwards for a very very late night. Thanks everyone for a lovely trip.

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