Rome 2019

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All our children and staff arrived safely this afternoon at 3.17pm local time. They first stopped at St Paul's outside wall where St Paul's relics are, as well as the chains in which he was held prisoner. The basilica has mosaics of popes around its ceiling. There are statues of the 12 apostles and mural of the life of St Peter on one side and St Paul on the other side. There was a lovely wood carving representing how we all need to be more mindful of how we treat refugees.

They have sent lovely photos of the children enjoying their first day in Rome.


2nd Day Rome activity:

Attended a mass at Vatican.

Visited the Cross of Jerusalem Church that has fragments of the cross where Jesus was crusified on. They saw the tomb of seven year old St Antoinette Meo.

They also went to St Giovanni Lateran the Pope church and St Ana Maria Major Our Lady of Snow Church where fragments of the crib Jesus lay in Bethlehem are displayed. This is where the pope celebrates christmas midnight mass on Christmas eve.

Day 3 activity:

They got on a double decker train and sat on the top deck to St Peter's to attend  the audience with Pope Francis. All of the children were excited when they saw him in person.

4th Day activity.

The group went and climbed Mt. Vesuvius and then saw the ruins of Pompeii. Nearly 100 take away bars for over 30000 people lived in Pompeii before it was buried in over 7 meter of ash. 


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