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St. Edward's celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday

History Week Parade


Brilliant Club


Last week, 11 hard-working and dedicated pupils from Year 6 ‘Graduated’ from Oxford University’s: Sheldonian College in Mathematics. The pupils were a part of this year’s Brilliant Club where they studied Pythagoras’ Therom. The children had to complete a 500 word essay as well as prove the theory. Children were taken on a tour of Wadham College and were able to see the sights.
Well done Class of 2106!

Ks1 Pantomime Beauty and the Beast


The children in KS1 and foundation stage were treated to a magical experience on Thursday 10/12/15 when they saw a very special production of Beauty and the Beast. There was laughing and screaming from the audience throughout the show. They joined in songs and dances with the actors and the staff. A wonderful experience was had by all and they cannot wait for next year’s production.

St. Edward's takes part for Children in Need

The Power of One


As part of Anti-Bullying Week the Soren Bennick Company came to our school to inform the children about the effects of bullying. The actors took to the stage and presented several different bullying scenarios.

The play dramatised the roles of the bully, the target (the person or people being bullied) and the bystander. The children learned about how important the bystander’s role is as they can bring the bullying to an end by intervening and seeking help from an adult or teacher.

The actors used different coloured boxes to represent each character and finally revealed the smallest, white box that contained a mirror showing that everyone has the power of one. To end the performance, the actors brought out the Power of One pledge poster that had the anti-bullying oath printed on it.

The pledge poster board has been signed by all the children and will be kept in the school


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