Year 5 Trip to Rome 2017

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For your information (and peace of mind), we have included an itinerary of activities that we hope to be undertaking with the children on each day of our visit. As is always the case, there may be variations and some element of flexibility in terms of timings, but in any case it is a useful point of reference for you to see what your child will be experiencing whilst in Rome. 

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that we will be providing your child with a ‘Rome’ hooded sweatshirt the day before departure. Please ensure your child is wearing this to travel in so that they can easily be identified as one of the group (they will not need to wear a coat to travel in – this can be packed in their case). We will also provide a small ‘carry on’ bag for travelling on the morning of departure.

We will post comments from the children and upload pictures as they come in.


Well as you can see Rome has been very busy time for our pilgrims. From the Vatican to Herculaneum the children have had a wonderful experience.

So here are a few facts about some of the places they have been to visit.

  • The Basilica of the Holy Cross is one of the churches on the ancient route of the seven churches, where pilgrims would begin their journey on foot.
  • The Spanish Steps were built in 1723 and are famous for their unique design and elegance; they attract many musicians poets and tourists every day.
  • The Pantheon is one of the best preserved Roman monuments of all time. Dating from around 120 AD it was built to honour the gods.
  • Can you believe the splendid Trevi Fountain dates back to 19 BC and has been the main source of water for Romans for many years.
  • Herculaneum is the forgotten city, buried by the eruption of Vesuvius! Many of us may have heard of Pompeii but Herculaneum, which is based closer to the sea, was also totally destroyed.
  • Finally, the wonderful St Peter's Basilica- Italy's largest, richest and most spectacular church. Full of many beautiful works of art, but also the opportunity to see Pope Francis.

This has surely been a momentous trip for our children. I know they have many more tales to tell of their pilgrimage to Rome.

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Tuesday 14th November 2017


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Wednesday 15th November 2017


Sofia Q.pngAmaiya Q.png

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Thursday 16th November  &  Friday 17th November 2017

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