Diversity and Equality

Education 4 change - The catalyst for change at St Edward’s

During the lockdown of March 2020, a wave of awareness flooded the world and ignited a global movement, which amplified injustices to people of colour. It kick-started a conversation in schools that is long overdue.

Education 4 Change (E4C) is a project with a mission to put the equality dimension of race at the heart of social justice in our education system. The project champions a culturally responsive curriculum approach, which encompasses a framework built on social equity.

At St Edward’s we are looking to adapt our practice by seamlessly weaving diversity and anti-racism into our curriculum and conversations, building in opportunities to expand horizons and activate the change for all children and young people.

E4C Vision and Values 

Education 4 Change (E4C) is a programme designed for educators by educators to ensure schools provide high-quality, practical opportunities to explore diversity and racial issues in a meaningful way.  

St Edward’s is using the E4C package as it offers a selection of resources which interrogate issues of racism and inequality through the curriculum and the medium of discussion and conversation. E4C resources include teaching guidance and conversation starters with a national and global perspective. At St Edward’s we know conversation is a powerful tool and we are embracing this, whether it is through small teams, whole staff teams or a one-to-one sharing of experiences, especially if facilitated by those who have a real understanding of the impact of racism on everyday life. A clear example of this can be seen through the work St Edward’s has engaged with our outside speaker Anne-Marie Reid (Integrative Arts Child, Young people and Family Counsellor/ Creative practitioner/ Creative Supervisor).