Inclusive learning means accommodating, recognising and meeting the learning needs of all students. It is also acknowledging that pupils have a category of individual learning needs and are diverse community members.

St. Edward’s school aims to meet the needs of every individual, taking into consideration their cultural background, in order to enable each child to progress in their learning, personal and social development, and to develop their full potential in an appropriate way. Children have full access to a broad and balanced curriculum to achieve their best, become confident individuals and develop the tools to make a successful transition into secondary education and adulthood.

Our SEN provision aims to meet our duties as a mainstream school in relation to identifying and supporting all children with special educational needs (SEN) and to liaise with parents to help each child to reach their full potential.

The new Special  Educational Need/Disability Code of Practice 2014, brought about some structural changes to how St. Edward's presents information for parents and how we meet the needs of children with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities within our school. 

For more information, please read St Edward's Information Report in conjunction with the SEND Provision for Children and Young People at St Edward's School.  Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the school office and asking for Ms S Naz, Inclusion Manager and Mrs E McLellan Assistant SENCO.

World Autism Acceptance Week 60th Anniversary  - Please click the link to check out the pupil, staff and parents taking part in World Autism Acceptance week.