Teaching and Learning Committee

At St Edward's we have a Teaching and Learning Committee who focus on steering and developing the curriculum at St Edward’s.

There are 10 members with a representative from each class from Year 2 - Year 6. These members are selected through an interview process which includes a presentation. The new representatives each year are chosen by the pupils who are the existing committee members. The Head Boy and Head Girl also part of this committee, therefore there are 12 pupils in total.

The Teaching and Learning Committee meeting is directed by our Deputy Head Teacher, Mrs Casely but very much led by the pupils. For some meetings the Head Teacher, Mr Underwood or the Assistant Head Teacher, Ms Naz may join. The Teaching and Learning Committee is an opportunity for pupils to air any concerns we may have and offer our own ideas regarding the curriculum. Every week we have a set agenda and are given a task that has to be completed by next week's meeting. 

We discuss a range of different areas around learning. These meetings give pupils a voice and allow them to have a say in how they feel and how they can be active members of the school community.

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