Investors in Pupils

St Edward’s has always taken pride in their pupils and the role they have within the school. Children have always been encouraged to have a voice and have been given plenty of opportunities to express their point of view on a number of school issues. As part of our school improvement the children are also given a bookmark with key areas that identify what adults do to further support and encourage pupil voice. The school initially applied for the ‘Investors in Pupils’ award in June 2016 to highlight all the work we do with our pupils but also to celebrate our successes and achievements.

The assessor came to our school on the 29th of June of that year and spent the day talking to staff and children and looking through various documentation. The assessor was very positive in his feedback and extremely complimentary of the school and especially our children. We are extremely proud to have been awarded the Investors in Pupils award and the plaque in recognition of this takes pride of place outside in our main school entrance. Please also have a look at the assessor’s report, letter to the school and letter to the children on the links below.

In November 2018 and November 2020, the school successfully achieved the Investors in Pupils status again with a grade 1 (proficient) standard. We are pleased to announce that in December 2022 we were again given this award. This highlights the work we do with our children to ensure that they succeed in all areas of school life including their holistic development.

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It is based on 5 main areas:

  • Behaviour
  • Learning
  • Attendance
  • Induction
  • Classroom behaviour


Investors in Pupils encourages children to take responsibility through target setting.

Class Mission Statement

Every class agrees on a class mission statement which is based upon the 5 areas.

Class Targets

Alongside the class mission statement, each class agrees on an area that they need to improve. Once the class target has been achieved the class work together to think of a new target to put in place. Successes are celebrated with the children and adults deciding what rewards are to be given.

Individual Target

Children are asked to reflect on their own areas for development. They write an individual SMART target which is displayed within the classroom.

Adults in School

As part of the award pupils find out more about the adult roles within the school. In the school photographs are displayed of the class governors and lunchtime supervisors. The school website also includes more information about the adults in the school and what jobs they do.

Class Induction

In each classroom there is an induction booklet. This booklet contains information about the class that helps visitors get to know our daily routines and practices. Some of our older children have prepared power point presentations instead of booklets.

How else do we work towards the 5 key areas?

  • School council
  • Teaching and Learning Committee
  • House teams
  • Behaviour systems
  • Head Boy and Head Girl
  • Appointing prefects in Year 6
  • Weekly show assemblies
  • Individual and group targets
  • Children’s newsletter
  • Reading Buddies
  • Peer mentors
  • Class of the week (based on attendance)

The Investors in Pupils programme provides a unique pupil participation framework for all schools and education settings nationally. Initiated by schools the programme began in West Yorkshire before establishing itself nationally with schools from over 120 Local Authorities engaging with the programme at some level, and with schools from over 50 Local Authorities having achieved the award to date.

Investors in Pupils is a simple concept that builds on the principles of Investors in People, to empower all pupils, increase motivation and contribute to raising achievement across the Key Stages. The award is governed by an Investors in Pupils Programme Board and is non-profit making using the revenue to further support development of the award. 

The programme offers schools a framework for involving pupils in decision making, and developing responsibility and leadership in relation to their learning, behaviour, attendance, classroom management and induction. It is powerful in developing a positive ethos where pupils learn about how the school is run, and, in turn, understand how they themselves can contribute to the running of the school. Pupils commit to common goals and teamwork – together with each other and with staff.

Schools work to continually improve their provision across 14 indicators contained within the evidence and criteria framework.

The Investors in Pupils award lasts for three years from the date of a successful assessment, with many schools continuing to accredit to the award valuing the contribution and focus it brings in developing pupil voice and school improvement strategies. Ofsted inspection reports continue to acknowledge school achievement and the valuable contribution of Investors in Pupils.