Nee Naw HQ visited St Edward’s as part of Aspirations Week.

6th Feb 2023

Nee Naw HQ recognises that young children love to play as it’s the thing they do best. From an early age, children love to make-believe and pretend play is a key learning element; it allows kids to explore and make sense of their world. Therefore, St Edward’s booked Nee Naw HQ as part of our aspirations week for the EYFS setting (Reception classes) as we wanted to fire up St Edward’s children's creativity and awaken their imagination, as well as helping the children build their self-confidence and strengthen their brains and bodies.

The Nee Naw session gave our reception ‘Little Heroes’ the most memorable, fun and unique play experience. The workshop consisted of a selection of emergency service themed toys, ride-on vehicles, role-play clothing and role-play accessories which enabled the children’s imaginations to  be set free. 

It was so exciting to see the EYFS children from Acorn and Chestnut class dress up and hear them squeal with delight through imaginative play. Staff were able to watch the pupils ride a police car, ambulance bike, or pretend to be a brave firefighter on a big red fire engine! Both St Edward’s and Nee Naw HQ understand that role-play is more than just fun; it’s a foundation for learning. Role-play also captivates emotion, conscious thought and sensory-motor skills. The session was a great way to get the children thinking about and experiencing the wonderful careers in the emergency services and related to children’s learning about heroes in our local environment.