Storytime Buddy Project with Year 6 and Nursery

Our wonderful pupils in Year 6 were part of a special writing workshop, led by our Deputy Headteacher, Mrs Casely. Each pupil in Year 6 were partnered with a nursery child. The Year 6 pupils learnt about illustrations and narratives aimed at younger pupils. They explored the simplicity of language, the use of repetition and how illustrations play a fundamental role in telling the story. As part of the workshop, the Year 6 pupils had to find out the interests of their new buddy friend in nursery and what they looked like. This was key to creating a character that looked like their nursery buddy and making the book about something the child would like. The Year 6 pupils really enjoyed this project and made wonderful paperback story books. Every child in Year 6 also got to spend quality time talking to their nursery partner and reading the book to them. The nursery children were then given the book to take home as a special gift from the older pupils. This is just one of the many initiatives at St Edward's that encourage pupils to have a love of reading.