Seedlings welcomes Little City!

8th Feb 2023

Little City is an entirely mobile role play city for the under 6’s to explore and enjoy. Utilising bespoke backdrops and specially selected high-quality toys and equipment, children at St Edward’s got to fully immerse themselves in their own world - their own LITTLE CITY as part of ‘Aspirations Week’.

 Nursery children are our biggest observers: they have watched us as adults in the supermarket, post letters in the Post Office and style our hair. The Little City workshop enabled Seedlings pupils to be ‘grown ups’ - where nothing was off limits! The pupils got to be the hairdresser, the vet, the builder, the doctor, the café owner, the shopkeeper  and much, much more. The children loved putting on the costumes and role-playing. Take a look at the St Edward’s nursery children experiencing lots of different careers which can be found in our local community. The children really did have a hands-on, engaging experience which enabled them to think about jobs that might want to do when they are older.